Coleman Camp Crib

Believe it or not, it was Heather and not me that started this little tradition. Everyday for the last few weeks when Brooke takes her nap, she makes us put her play tent in the crib. She's tried to parlay it into overnight camping but we've been able to get around it so far.

Sophomore Slump

About a year ago you may remember hearing on the news or reading in your local paper about the gingerbread trailer park that we, along with our friends David and Julie constructed for our ward Christmas party (That's a church shindig for those of you who don't speak Mormon). It was a huge hit and we still look back at the pictures and laugh at it. Well, this year we had to do it again and it was pretty difficult coming up with a new and awful idea. We went with a drought theme and if you've seen the two lakes that we have nearby you'd know that what we came up with is a pretty accurate representation of the real thing. It was timely and and funny for the locals and we did win again but it still doesn't stand up to the masterpiece of year one.

The Drought
The Trailer Park

Proud Papa

I was able to capture on film one of my proudest moments as a father. I'm not sure what could be better than seeing my three VERY girly daughters stuffing their faces with the goodness that is a Dunkin Donut. *Sniffle* I gotta go before I cry.

Ready for the Holiday's

Here's a quick look at some of the Christmas decorating we've done. It doesn't give you a true appreciation of the amount of stuff we have around the house but rest assured, we like Christmas. I have this wild fantasy about running lights across the top of the house and up those front peaks which would go along way to really finishing it off. Then I remember that I am completely acro-mo-phobic when it comes to being 30 feet in the air on a wobbly extension ladder. It's a stupid idea anyway.

I agree with Dustin Hoffman

I watched Stranger Than Fiction last night. It wasn't exactly what I was expecting. Why is it that in every Will Ferrell movie I have to get a look at some dude's arse? Anyway, I agree with Dustin Hoffman (okay, his character) that the end of the book was right on. I won't say anymore to avoid spoiling it for anyone.

You might be a...

If you know who these guys are, you might be a Mormon.


Technology rules and I feel sorry for people that don't get it. I'm sitting in the playplace at McDonald's right now using a high speed internet connection to check my personal and work email, post to our blog, surf the web and oh yeah, watch the Hawks put a beatin' on the Bobcats with my Slingbox that's attached to my DirecTV at home. It almost makes the obnoxious screaming from other peoples kids tolerable. Although I did just have to tell some little pervert 12 year old to stop scaring all of the little girls. Yes, his parents are here. No, they didn't feel the need to stop him themselves. Anyway, I have a low pain threshold when it comes to these places so it's nice that the girls get to come and play without me getting one of those itches in the back of my throat that only the barrel of a gun can scratch.

Fun with Butt Cushions

You'll have to excuse the mess, I'm in the middle of purging some junk out of the office.

Johnversations IV

While discussing what the kids want for Christmas at dinner tonight, I joked with Sam about wanting a new car and a laptop in addition to the Nintendo Wii and Nintendo DS that she really does want. Apparently Santa is bringing the Wii, all we have to buy is the DS. What a deal. Madi heard "laptop" and...

Madi: "Yeah, I want a laptop."
Heather: "You do? Do you want one like Daddy's?"
Madi: "Noooooooo, I want one that's pretty."
Where have I landed?

Happy Halloween!

It's weird to think that it's already Halloween again. Thanksgiving is right around the corner which means Christmas is right around the corner, hang another left and then up ahead on the right. I've never really been into Halloween all that much but having kids makes it somewhat enjoyable. This year we did what we normally do. David and Julie came over and David and I took the kids out. We joke about looking like a gay couple but if you saw how we dress we'd have a better chance passing for a couple of fairly butch lesbians. Anyway, we had Hannah Montana, Tinkerbell (Madi, not David or I) and a Dora Princess with us this year. David also brought Dawson along for his first Halloween, dressed up like a pumpkin.

We finished up the night by making Smores out in the fire pit, which Heather really enjoyed.

All I want for Christmas is...

We know what Sam will have at the top of her Christmas list this year. We went after one of her teeth tonight and decided that while we were at it we'd grab two of 'em.

What the Dell?

I had to order a new nub for the pointing stick on my work laptop last week. They aren't exactly easy to find but after speaking to "Dennis" and waiting on hold for about 20 minutes he was able to get them ordered for me. They showed up today... two of them... thoroughly packaged...

Oh, how they grow...

When we were sending Sam off to school last week we took our usual first day pictures. It's amazing how quickly they grow up and I thought it would be interesting to see all of her first days side by side. Here they are from Kindergarten through 3rd grade.


Sometimes in life you are in the right place at the right time and you are privileged to witness or take part in something that you'll remember forever. Last Wednesday night was one of those nights (to go along with my wedding day, the birth of each of our three girls and the lighting of my two mighty sparkler bombs). On this occasion I was blessed to take part in the firing of a rocket powered pinewood derby car (Courtesy of Bill Swatling, 1st Counselor in the Acworth Ward Bishopric). Okay, so it was actually made out of scrap metal from the airplane he's building but it ran on a real Pine Wood Derby track so in my book it counts. The video is short but VERY cool.

Johnversations III

I had to drop Sam off at school this morning (because I hit my good friend snooze one too many times). Somehow we ended up talking about my former boss...

Sam: Where does Mr. Stan work now?
Brian: At a place over by his house.
Sam: Does he work there or is he the boss?

Interesting that at 7 years old she is already aware that there is a difference between people who work and bosses.

New Year, New Diet

The new year is always a popular time for people to start losing weight. We use it as the starting point to get in shape and be more healthy. Well, I have recently discovered a sure fire way to get the pounds off and keep them off, permanently! It's completely painless. You can eat whatever you want, you don't have to exercise, there are no pills to take... nothing! Just sit back and be slim. The intial investment in this plan is a little pricey (from $135 to $315 depending on your choice of products) but you just can't argue with the results! The best part is that it is practically instantaneous. There is a short learning curve but once you have the techniques down you're on your way to slimmer you. Hurry and order now and you'll be looking hot in those Super Bowl party pictures! Click here to check it out!

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