Sophomore Slump

About a year ago you may remember hearing on the news or reading in your local paper about the gingerbread trailer park that we, along with our friends David and Julie constructed for our ward Christmas party (That's a church shindig for those of you who don't speak Mormon). It was a huge hit and we still look back at the pictures and laugh at it. Well, this year we had to do it again and it was pretty difficult coming up with a new and awful idea. We went with a drought theme and if you've seen the two lakes that we have nearby you'd know that what we came up with is a pretty accurate representation of the real thing. It was timely and and funny for the locals and we did win again but it still doesn't stand up to the masterpiece of year one.

The Drought
The Trailer Park


bryan said...

Speaking as one who (undeservedly) also took home a "top prize" for his entry in the gingerbread house contest, I can definitely say that yours was far and away the best of the bunch. You guys did an amazing job!

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