Birthday Week '08

Every January we have the chance to celebrate our awful planning by having a week long birthday celebration. It starts with Madi's birthday, passes through Brooke's birthday and culminates in a Sunday evening dinner & cupcake feast with David and Julie (& Dawson now) and if the opportunity presents itself, a Nanna & Grandpa. Don't get me wrong, it's not that I don't love celebrating our kids birthday's but does it really have to be like a mini Mardi Gras? You know, without the half-naked tranny's and rivers of vomit.

I know what you're thinking... and you're wrong. They're not cute. They're smiling cause they have figured out how to triple up on everything. Brooke acts sad when Madi gets her presents. Madi acts sad when Brooke gets hers. Sam is in bed rolled up in the fetal position all week. The solution? Sam, Madi & Brooke each get 3 birthday's every year. I know, it's retarded. Although, by my math that means I get to kick them out of the house when they're six, so bonus! Anyway, it's over and I even survived a trip to Build-A-Bear (a.k.a. Satan's Toy Factory). The Doctor says the bleeding from my inner ear is normal for someone in my situation and that I should be back to normal in time for summer Mardi Gras which we celebrate around July 16th.


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