It's the most wonderful time of the year!

I mean, Christmas is nice and all but let's be honest, the "most wonderful time of the year" starts today. There's nothing better than the NCAA basketball tournament and it all kicks off in just a couple of hours! The only thing that could ever be better is if the NCAA pulled it's head out and gave us a Division I football playoff. Combine that with Christmas and it might be able to take the "most wonderful time" title back. Until then, I'll take March Madness. Heck, even Heather has her bracket filled out and she's been talkin' smack about it for a month. She's feeling a little cocky after a fairly successful football pick 'em season (2nd place in Pro - 1 point back, 2nd in College and 1st in the Bowl Pick 'em). If she wins the Tournament Pick 'em I'm going to force her to join my NASCAR league. That should get me a win.


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