Today the air is fresher, the sky is bluer, my food tastes better and the Atlanta Hawks are now tied 2-2 with the Boston Celtics. I adopted the Hawks as my team in the early 80's because Spud Webb was short and so was I. Although, thinking back on it, I was in 7th grade and I was almost as tall as he was. Plus, we were living in San Antonio at the time and the Spurs stunk on ice. Well, the years have rolled along and the last 10 have been especially painful. This year we squeaked into the playoffs thanks to a mediocre Eastern Conference and drew the "mighty" Celtics in the first round. For the last two weeks I've had to endure talk of "the big three" and how the Celts were gonna sweep the Hawks and everyone wondering who the Celtics would meet in the NBA finals (Let's not forget that "The Big Three" were all known as great players who couldn't get over the hump with their previous teams). WELL NOT SO FAST BEAN TOWN!!!
I haven't enjoyed watching a Hawks game as much as I did last night since 1988 when the Hawks were screwed out of a series win against none other than the Boston Celtics. I literally could not sit down and the fact that I was not actually at Phillips Arena did not stop me from yelling, cheering, clapping and calling the refs various names that only a Jazz fan would understand. Heather came down the stairs at one point and asked if I could keep it down...clearly I could not. HD, surround sound, my team layin' the wood to the heavily favored Celtics...Isn't keeping it down asking just a little much? It was a great night.
Now, the 66 win team that pasted us in game 1 and game 2 of the series is going back home tied 2-2 and looking OLD. Do we have a chance to pull off one of the greatest upsets in sports history? Maybe. It would sure be nice to see but I don't even really care if the Hawks win the series at this point. I just know that it was fun to watch and for a couple of days we're sure going to enjoy this.


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