The Drought Conspiracy

Before I continue, let me say that I do agree that there has been a drought in the state of Georgia. My grass and water bill are evidence of it. However, last Summer and Fall the media beat us over the head with Lake Levels, mediocre rainfall totals and dramatic stories of Sonny Perdue driving to Alabama with his pants down to tell their Governor to kiss his arse. Okay, that didn't really happen, but it should have. Anyhoo, I keep an eye on these things because I have a bit of a green thumb and I like to know if I'm going to have to sneak out into the yard at midnight for some covert watering. So here's my question (and yes, I know the answers)... Why aren't we hearing anything about our near normal rainfall so far this year? Here are the official numbers as reported by the National Weather Service:

Jan - Apr 30yr avg: 18.1 in.
Jan-Apr 2008: 15.92 in.
Jan-Apr 2007: 9.68 in.

Feel free to check my numbers here. Admit it, this is the first time you've heard that we are already 6 inches ahead of last years totals and we're only a couple of inches below the 30 year norm. I know that this wouldn't sell as well as the fear and destruction of a good natural disaster but you'd think they could mention it at least once.

... end of nerd post ...


reba said...

Amen to that!
You are hilarious:)
I bet you and Daryl were both out in the back yard sneaking water last summer to water your yards!

Lorie said...

Why aren't you and Richard weather forcasters, anyway!? Did you guys sit around in your Alpine Chalet apartment talking about the weather or is it a sign of old age?

Booger said...

I'd like to believe it's a sign of intelligence (lordy I hope I spelled that right) but I'm guessing it's just old age creeping in.

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