Madi on Pregnancy

Madi is our thinker. She is the one who's always asking questions about things that you wouldn't think a 5 year old would think about and she comes up with her own logical conclusions on things based on what seems to make sense to her. Well, since the frequent topic of discussion around the house is pregnancy, her brain has been working overtime trying noodle the whole thing out. After a couple of comments the other day I decided we should start keeping track of them. Here are few that came to mind right away. I'll update it as she gives us more...

- "You told us that Ashley's mom is having a baby and she got short!"

- "Pregnant ladies are shorter because they're having a baby."

- "Do babies come out with just a diaper on?"

- "Yeah, I threw up and I don't even have a baby in my tummy."


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