The Squeeze Redux

Okay, so I already had my little rant on squeeze products but seriously, how much can one person be expected to endure? The only thing worse than an ill advised squeeze product is one that is expected to be there and isn't. The folks at Hidden Valley are public enemy number one in this regard. All of their bottles are plastic, almost all of them have a lid that screws off and most of them have that little insert in the top of the bottle that allows you to squeeze out just the right amount of ranch onto your salad (or pretty much any other food if you're under the age of 6). Well, on occasion you get that random plastic bottle with the screw off lid that just has a gaping hole in it (i.e. - pour me!) and not the helpful squeezy insert. If someone (me) wasn't paying close attention to what they were doing (shocker) they might open that bottle, flip it over and give it a good squeeze, creating a mess on their plate that is equal parts salad and salad dressing.

The picture doesn't do it complete justice since ranch tends to immediately spread out and work it's way down into the lettuce making it impossible to recover. Maybe I should have used relish instead.

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Mark said...

These rants crack me up, because I've been on them myself before. Both of them. Too true!

We stay away from the relish now, and just use slices of the good Vlasic garlic dill pickles!

Eva said...

YOU have been tagged...go to my blog to find out more....come will be fun!

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