So Good, It Sparkles!

I was going through some pictures last night and I found this one hanging around. Heather had to drink this stuff before one of her procedures (can't remember which one, there have been many). I love how they're trying to make it sound all awesome... "The Sparkling Laxative". Oh yeah, and notice that it's good for you..."Very Low Sodium". Makes me want to pound a few back and enjoy the clean feeling.


reba said...

The poor woman! They have to basically lie so you "want" to drink this gross stuff:) Talk to those crazy "marketers"...oh I guess my husband is one:) Heather's my hero for putting up with this stuff.

Heather said...

Your posts can always crack me up. Guess who I saw at the grocery store tonight? None other than your cute wife and your mother-in-law. I haven't seen the baby yet...can't wait until tomorrow! I hear she's pretty cute. How are things holding up at home without Mom around?

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