Are you out of your Vulcan mind?

Last week I had the chance to chaperone Sam's class on a field trip to a rock quarry (Vulcan Materials) that I drove by pretty much everyday for 7 1/2 years on my way to work. I always wondered what they were doing cause you can't see jack from the road. In our old house, you could easily hear the blasts and the rumbling would shake us pretty good. It's not quite as obvious now but on a cloudy day we can still feel it. It was pretty cool in a "I like to watch Discovery Channel cause I'm a dork" kinda way. I resisted the urge to tell anyone that I had actually watched an entire show on History Channel about the huge dump trucks that they use to carry rock out of the pit. I'll spare you the details of their operation but just to summarize: 650' deep Hole, Explosives, Big Trucks, Grinders argh, argh argh.


Lorie said...

Oh the similarities. It's kinda creepy. On our trip to Boston a few years ago, Richard begged me to drive WAY out of the way to see the world's largest GRANITE QUARRY. At least you have your kid's field trip to make you at least SOUND semi-cool!!

Booger said...

Lorie, your husband rules! By the way, where is this granite know, just in case. :P

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