Not a speck

Well, it's not a speck anymore. Here is an ultrasound from last week where you can see that things are movin' right along. It also looks as though it has grown out of the alien phase, so bonus there. We have to go to a specialist this Friday who is going to do an in depth look since mom is going to be older than "25" when the baby is born. There's an outside chance that we'll get a look at what it is (yes, we know it's a human fetus) which everyone is pretty much figuring is another girl. I can't blame 'em. You go with the safe bet right? We'll keep you posted.


reba said...

Love the ultrasound!!
Can't wait to find out what this little person is going to be!!

Lorie said...

What's the deal w/ being older than 25? I thought after 40 posed all those "downs syndrome" risks. Pretty cute little fetus... you must be proud. We have pregnant friend who only makes BOYS so maybe you can work a little hospital "switcher-oo"??

Cassia said...

I've heard 35, but even that's a little paranoid for me. :) (My grandma had her last at 45 and he was fine.) But sometimes it's just nice to have the added assurance and, of course, to get an extra peek at the baby. :)

By the way--who knows, but in my parent's case they had three girls and then their first boy. :) But then again, what's really wrong with a house full of girls? :)

Julie said...

Who's voting girl? Come on people we all need to think boy, Boy, BOY!!!

He's so cute in the womb!

Booger said...

I voted girl. Went with the odds.

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