Near Miss?

First of all, no word on the kid... It was face down, legs tucked and not moving an inch. We have to go back again next month so maybe we'll have better luck on the next try. You can now place your vote on what you think it is by clicking your selection just below the bobbing fetus on the right side of the page.

Okay, so I'm a bit of a weather watcher (yeah, yeah watcher=geek - I know) and I enjoy kicking back in the garage as our sometimes nasty thunderstorms roll through. One late night last week we had a pretty good one going so I grabbed the video camera to get some shots of the light show. Unfortunately the battery in my boom mic was dead so it came out with no sound. I went back and watched some of the lightning because one strike in particular seemed awfully close. It was one of those where the light and sound came at the exact same time and it definitely caught me off guard. If I had the audio you'd hear that. Anyway, there were two frames of the video that I thought were pretty cool. They came about a half a second apart in real time so the first one is just the warm-up strike. The tree on the left in the first picture is in our next door neighbors yard. The trees in the second picture are one house over and across the street. The second one kinda looks like it was coming after me.


Lorie said...

Wow!! That's freaky! Better watch out... looks like it WAS really coming after you. My uncle and his girlfriend were both killed a few years ago as they sat under a tall pine tree in the mountains during a summer thunderstorm. Lightning strunk the tree and they were killed instantly. Cool footage, though.

David Futral said...

Hey dork, you are having another girl. Just like I will when that time comes. Good luck. Now you will have 5 girls to huddle up with when those scary storms come rolling through.

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