"Hungry? I'm thinkin' Arby's WTF?"

Last Tuesday I was out running a couple of errands so I stopped in at a new Arby's near us to pick up some dinner. It was wicked busy, the drive through line was kinda long and slow and the girl on the mic was dumber than your average drive through worker. As I sat there it dawned on me that they had just opened THAT DAY. No wonder. Anyway, as I got up to the window to pick up my order (which of course they screwed up) I happened to glance at the window where they had taped their health department inspection score. A 97? How do you manage that??? The place had been open less than 8 hours and their high water mark is 97. We don't eat at Arby's very often but I'm going to swing back through in a couple of months just to see how close they are to being shut down.


William said...

I never put attention to those number until a couple of weeks ago when our family went to a Chinese Rest by the new Wal-Mart by Barret Prkwy. We visited when fist opened (last year) the food was great and they had a score of 99...now it is a 89...and the food was "BAD" and tested really "BAD" even my kids (they love chinese food) didn't like it...after noticing the score while leaving we decided to never come back to that place...this is my first time I didn't like this type of food :-)

Let us know what's the score in a couple of weeks :-)

David Futral said...

You have too much time on your hands. And it is fast food, what do you expect their score to be. They process more customers than any call girl of a New York mayor ever will, cut them some slack. And good luck this year in fantasy football. See if you can keep the cheating to a minimum.

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