Thanks for nothin' Charlie Morton

Who's Charlie Morton? He's a pitcher that the Braves keep calling up from the minors and he stinks. Apparently they think he can pitch but our trip to the Braves game tonight saw him go 3.2 innings giving up 7 Hits, 8 Earned runs and 4 walks to the Cards. Needless to say we didn't get to see a win. In fact, it was a 12-3 beat down. It was still fun though and the girls always have a good time when we go down to the games. I guess it's the one bone I've been thrown as a way of helping offset the hours of dance recitals, Hanna Montana, Barbie Dolls, Webkinz, Polly Pockets...shall I go on? Luckily it was only about 99 degrees with 55% humidity (yes, that's sarcasm) so the weather was a fitting addition to the great game. I snapped some pictures of the evening with my phone. The pregnant lady was not at all interested in being in front of the camera so you only get to see her in the background. I wasn't going to force the issue.

The girls...(there are TWO more in the back)
Brooke keeping cool. By the way, I was not allowed to use the fan because
as Brooke put it, "You will run the batteries out."

Dad and Brooke hanging out. She was supposed to make a crazy face too but she tricked me.

Sam and Madi Showing off their pink and purple Braves gear. My world is upside down people!

By the way, Brooke had the greatest idea tonight and I swear she came up with it completely out of the blue and on her own. You know the seamless LED ribbon boards that they have around the decks in all of the pro stadiums now? Well, we're sitting there watching the game and Brooke looks up at me and says, "Daddy, you need those in your office." I asked her what she was talking about and she points up at the LED boards and says, "Those! That would be cool if you had those in your office. Then you could have the oh oh oh oh oh (she's doing the Tomahawk Chop) and the lights"(there were pictures of tomahawks chopping at the time). Brooke, I have to say that I completely agree. That would be outrageously cool. I'm adding that to my Christmas/Birthday/Father's Day list immediately. I also wouldn't mind having that 30 foot tall, Tomahawk Choppin' Chick-fil-a cow that they have above left field if you can swing it.


Heather said...

Cute pictures and fun game, even though your team lost. I agree with Brooke's idea too! you totally NEED it.

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