Some serious Cabbage

I'm a little late in getting these pictures posted, mostly because it has taken me this long to recover. Last week, we took the girls to Babyland General Hospital in Cleveland, GA. Now, if you aren't a girl or if you don't live with 4 1/2 girls, you might not know that it is the birthplace of the Cabbage Patch Kids. I actually have fond memories of Cabbage Patch Kids although they are slightly different than the memories Heather has. She remembers doing their hair, dressing them up and playing house with them. I remember laughing every time I heard a story on the news about some crazed fat woman punching someone out at Toys-R-Us while trying to get one. To each his own, I suppose. Anyway, this is what's called "payback for the Braves game" in my world. The girls had a great time and I'm pretty sure that they loved their new Cabbage Patch Kids for like 2 days after that. They've been posted on eBay if you're interested. (J/K)


Heather said...

Cute -- I didn't even know that place existed. Send all of your toy discards our way and then we can put them on Ebay after Ruby plays with them for her two days.

Anonymous said...

Who's that lady in the back with the blue shirt on that keeps following you guys through the hospital?

Booger said...

I think she was trying to steal Brooke.

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